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With years of experience in the travel industry, our travel company is your go-to source for exploring the wonders of Namibia. We offer carefully designed self-drive safari tours that showcase the diversity and beauty of this remarkable African destination.

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Explore Namibia is a dynamic and professional travel company in Namibia, founded in 2006 by the Dutch couple, Marco and Elise
Both have travelled through Africa extensively and they simply love it. When the opportunity occurred to go on an adventure to Africa, they did not hesitate, quit their jobs in Europe and moved 10.000 km South. And still today, after all these years they still love what they do – Explore Namibia and help others do the same!


Over the past years Explore Namibia has grown and built a strong team in Windhoek, Namibia with a vast amount of local ‘know-how’ and up-to-date information. Here you will also find nearby support while travelling. In the Netherlands, Spain and Namibia, we have offices where our experienced Tour Consultants can assist you even better during the preparations and planning of your next African adventure.


In 2018, Julia joined Marco and Elise on this adventure. Julia was born and raised on a guest-farm in Namibia, was always closely involved with visitors from all over the world and fascinated by their passion for these southern African countries. After spending some years in Europe, Julia is happy to be ‘back home’ and share these unique experiences, the southern African countries have to offer, with others. Recently the activities were merged with My Namibia Safaris, and Mirela and Rainer were welcomed as partners, and so was Johannes, the better half of Julia.

Elise van der Meij
It all started in 2006 when me and my husband left the Netherlands to start a new life in Namibia.
Namibia had been our favorite destination for many years and this we wanted to share with others. Explore Namibia was born. Time flies and it is now already 13 years ago that we settled in Windhoek. During this time, we organized many self-drive tours. This self-drive concept is simply what we enjoy ourselves and I believe it is the way ‘to go’ for many others as well. Travelling should be at the traveler’s own pace, and focus on their own interests. And it has to be an adventure!

Nature lovers will be in their element in Namibia as it is 200% nature, with its landscapes, national parks, dunes and coast. Bird fanatics must go to Etosha to find the blue crane and to the Caprivi for the great eagle owl and the kingfisher family. Namibia is also perfect for a family holiday, as long as they take it easy and plan it well.

This amazing country is also a photographers paradise: get close to animals, enjoy amazing colors and contrasts and make spectacular photo’s of the milky way at night. Explore Namibia!

We listen and we plan. Based on your wishes we organize your self-drive adventure that will stay with you forever!


Explore Namibia offers organised self-drive safaris and private guided tours. You can go on an adventure in a fully equipped vehicle of your own choice. We will arrange your accommodations in advance, whether you wish to stay in lodges and guesthouses, on campsites or both.




Self-drive Tours

We offer a wide range of self-drive safari tours, tailored to suit your individual needs and preferences.

Guided Safari Photo Tours Namibia

Photographic Tours

Our photo tours are designed for photographers of all skill levels.

Private Guided Safari in Convoy Namibia

Safari in Convoy

You’ll drive in convoy with your own rental vehicle, following the leading vehicle.

Private Safari in stretched Landcruiser Namibia

Safari 'Stretched Landcruiser'

Safaris for max. 7 travelers in the spacious “stretched Landcruiser”.


Our team, whether from Namibia, Spain or The Netherlands will assist you organize your dream holiday! We organize your car, equipment, accommodations as well as fun activities. We communicate with you throughout to ensure you will get exactly what you like and we treat your adventure with the same passion and care as if it was our own.



Only remembering a tiny detail about my childhood and travels, I know I loved nature, as I still do today. Sunrises and sunsets in our country are by far the most spectacular views I have ever seen.

I started working closely with the Tourism Industry in 2017 and in 2020 I started working directly with Tourists. It has been one amazing Industry to work in, as you get to hear everyone’s “Story” on where they come from. Working at Explore Namibia has now given me the platform to share “My story” about our beautiful country.

Only having recently started working at Explore, I am thrilled to be part of such energized and fun-loving team. I am looking forward to be the best I can, to our clients and to my colleagues.



Growing up in Windhoek and spending each holiday at the village was fun and seldom monotonous. I was curious to discover the reason why people kept saying: “Namibia is a top tourism destination.” I wanted to see it for myself and see something different from the everyday goats and cows. My curiosity led me into perusing studies in travel and tourism and now I passionately organize tours and love to interact with people from different walks of life.

Travelling to Namibia is more than just ‘safari’. It’s about the people, the culture, the environment and the history of the country. Explore Namibia gives the entire African Experience.



Hello, my name is Pierre, and I have had the privilege of experiencing diverse cultures throughout my life. Born in South Africa, I have lived in England, the United States, and now call Spain my home. My love for traveling has taken me on numerous self-drive holidays across Europe and the US, allowing me to explore new destinations and create unforgettable memories. Alongside my passion for travel, design, and photography. I also find solace in camping, spending quality time with my family, and indulging in the joy of the favorite South African pastime, barbecuing. In terms of languages, I am fluent in Afrikaans, English, and Spanish. I am excited to be a part of this company, where I can combine my enthusiasm for travel to craft tailor-made travel itineraries for clients, enabling them to embark on unforgettable journeys and explore the best Southern Africa has to offer.



For me personally, doing a road trip is undoubtedly the best way to discover a country!

The freedom of traveling over endless roads with a fully equipped 4WD is incredible. Going for an adventure in the most beautiful wildlife parks and remote areas. Ending the day together around a cozy campfire. Sleeping in a roof tent while hearing the sounds of wild animals in the distance.

For me, this makes Namibia and Botswana the ultimate destination for an adventurous road trip. And a proper dose of good on-the-road music should certainly not be missed.

After having lived and worked for two years at the local Explore Namibia office in Windhoek and organizing trips from the Netherlands after that, I am now back in the old nest again.

I am happy to assist you to organize your personal road trip adventure.



As long as I can remember my parents took me on self-drive safari trips through Africa. Sometimes we slept in lodges, but we also often slept outside, on campsites in roof tents on top of our old Toyota 4×4 Landcruiser. Although it was considered a “normal” holiday, it always felt as a great adventure to me. The sounds of wild animals during the night and sleeping under the millions of stars – that feeling is simply indescribable.

I am still passionate about adventurous camping trips, nature photography and teaching my little daughters the beauty of nature. I speak English, German & Afrikaans and can understand quite a bit of Dutch.



I'm just a guy from a small town in southern Italy, driven by an unyielding wanderlust. Since I was a kid, I've been fortunate to embark on countless adventures, exploring the world and immersing myself in diverse experiences.Through my travels, I discovered the incredible impact of tourism in revitalizing communities. This realization sparked a deep passion within me to share hidden gems and create meaningful connections with fellow travelers.I couldn't be more thrilled to be part of this amazing team! Together, we're dedicated to crafting unforgettable travel experiences that go beyond the ordinary. With fluency in Italian, English, Spanish, and conversational skills in Portuguese and French, I'm ready to connect with travelers from all walks of life.



I was born and raised in the land of the brave – Namibia.

For the first 3-4 years of my life, we lived on a farm. We moved to a little town known as Omaruru. My dad had a business where he drove out to farms and lodges to repair and erect Windmills (Wind Motoren) and drill boreholes.

During school holidays we joined him on his “business” trips enjoying the sights and being taught about the various wild animals, trees, shrubs and bushes and everything about the vast landscapes Namibia has. While camping out in the bush, the star constellations were amazing to see too. Having “farmers blood” running through my veins, travelling through Namibia always fascinates me and it gives a sense of freedom. From the North to the South, from the East to the West, it’s just remarkably amazing. A country where a lot of memories are made and adventures experienced, the knowledge gained that can be passed on to the little ones.



I am born and bred Namibian, I come from a big family that loves to travel. I grew up all around Namibia so I have seen quite a bit but there is yet so much more to be seen and experienced, so I can undoubtedly say that this is one of the most beautiful and unique country’s to explore, there is so much to see, too much for just one trip😉, if you prefer to drive yourself or allow us help you decide, both will be an amazing experience. From the beautiful African desert to the stunning Zambezi river with an bananadines of different wild life and even the African plains where the elephant, rhinos and predators walk together. You can even experience the native cuisine and all the different traditions of all the amazing cultures, as Africa in one of the country’s in the world with het most different cultures and languages.

So why not make us your next amazing adventure!



Well, childhood was lit, the only girl among boys best feeling ever, and jah I grew up in a small town which is called Ondangwa in the north, I’m not really a city kind of girl but I am grateful to be in the city, like the saying goes “there’s many opportunities in the city” and that was true, indeed there is, here I am, blessed with the best job I could ever imagine, great colleagues that turned into families.

Tourism industry has a lot of opportunities, but my most one is that I get to meet a lot of people from different countries and meeting them is always a great feeling to express, they get to show you their culture and I also have a good opportunity to show my culture too. And jah I am a travel buddy ,to check out new places and get to see different areas, the best thing FOOD, coming from a small town is a bit hectic, you don’t get to meet a lot of different food and people, but now I can loudly and proudly say YES, I can feel, see and taste new things.



At just 20 years old, I may seem young, but my passion for travel has been a driving force in my life. Having spent eight years living in Germany, I was fortunate enough to explore various European destinations and gain invaluable experience in the world of travel. Namibia, with its diverse landscapes, rich wildlife and vibrant cultures, offers an unparalleled holiday experience. As your personal holiday planner, I understand that each traveler is unique, with different preferences and interests, I am therefore committed to curating personalized itineraries tailored to your desires. Rest assured, I will provide you with genuine enthusiasm and a keen attention to detail! I will be able to help you in Spanish, German, English and if I try... Also in French 😉 I can't wait to be a part of your travel story and help you make lasting memories in this extraordinary country!



All in all, it took us about 20 years to finally make our dream trip to Namibia. For so long, my husband and I had been dreaming of this adventurous destination, after having previously doing a camping safari through Botswana. At that time, as I was pregnant of our son, we decided to postpone the trip. But eventually in 2022, after yet another couple of postponements due to COVID-19, the time had finally come. As previous clients, we had already attended Explore Namibia's information day for a couple of times and thus we became quite familiar with this beautiful organization. Until 2023, I worked as a management / executive assistant, but after more than 25 years in the business, I felt it was time to do something different. When, shortly before our departure to Namibia, I saw a vacancy at Explore Namibia, in which they were asking for a support worker for the Haarlem office with the opportunity to learn the trade as a tour consultant, I decided to respond. And to my great joy, I was hired and immediately after that, my husband and I made our trip to Namibia where I met my colleagues in Windhoek! That was a perfect combination of ``the useful with the pleasant``. I have now been employed since 1 December 2022 and am learning every day.
I have always had an affinity for travelling and have had the opportunity to visit many destinations. That I have now been given the opportunity to make my hobby my job was a dream come true for me!



Back in high school I used to help my aunty at her guesthouse every holiday as a receptionist and a housekeeper and that’s where all started, I gained lots of passion in working with international and local clients and after high school I decided to study hospitality and tourism and I happened to find my way into Explore Africa Travel.
To have been born here, to grow up so close to the Namibian veld, with easy access to this country’s great environmental wealth is a gift.
This country presents thrilling destinations for all types of travelers ; to be immersed deeply in its cultural and social complexity; to witness the transition from oppressive external rule to freedom and blossoming of a new nation, experience the wonders of Namibia, Botswana, and the Victoria fall in comfort.
It is always dangerous to build up a holiday in your mind as it is so rare that it lives up to all your hopes and expectations. Well, worry not. Explore Africa Travel is here to help plan your journey. And don’t forget: WHAT IS WORTH DOING IS WORTH DOING WELL.



After living in several countries, I have noticed how much I have learned and continue to learn from traveling, apart from the fact that I really enjoy it. I love acquiring new knowledge as well as new personal and professional skills and what better way than by exploring and being on new adventures.I think sharing this with more people is super fun and really fills my soul. I am delighted to help you with your next experience, and I hope all your memories are beautiful and fill your soul too 😉



I am passionate about assisting travelers from all over the world with planning their own journey and to provide them with all kinds of information about Namibia and Botswana which are both the most special and amazing countries.

I go with the quote that says, “Do not let others tell you how amazing the world is, see it for yourself”. It is better to see something for yourself than to hear about it a thousand times from others.



Tourism is in the heart of most Namibians and so central to what makes Namibia a unique destination. It plays a central role in the economy of Namibia, including the spin-off effects on other industries, so I am glad to have finally landed up at Explore Namibia. As a former scout and outdoor archery range owner, as well as camping enthusiast, I could not be happier.



When you pursue a career in the Travel Industry, you get to network with a lot of people with various cultures and personalities. I am a traveler myself and working in the travel industry made me a better one. There are challenges, like every type of work, but at the end of the day it’s providing the best experience we can to ensure our customers leave happy. I love learning about new places, meeting people from all walks of life and trying out local cuisine. I find that traveling helps broaden my perspective of life and gives me a greater appreciation for what I have at home.



Growing up in a Child Care Facility was an adventure on its own. We were given the opportunity to visit places around Namibia such as Swakopmund, Walvis Bay, Etosha Game Resort, Tsumeb and the northern part of the country. Being outdoors can be scary yet very fun. The best part of it was setting up camp, camping under the open skies. It required extensive planning and preparation to be sure that you have everything in place to make your stay as comfortable as possible. In my current role as a Reservation agent, planning and organizing is part of my passion, this in a nutshell excites me to plan your adventurous trip @ Explore Namibia.

Live your life by compass, not a clock.



Millions of bright stars at night, a cozy BBQ campfire in the middle of nature, the sights of free-roaming wildlife and breathtaking landscapes with endless horizons. In a search for adventure and ultimate freedom, these elements made me fall in love with Africa.

And until today, I realize that Elise and I have been very fortunate being able to make our dreams come true, something that I will be grateful for the rest of my life.



Namibia is a land of contrast, full of natural wonders and cultural diversity: a perfect place for a multi-cultural soul to fit right in! I’m not an “original” Namibian, growing up in the country has left an unerasable Africa-shaped mark on my heart, and I’m hoping to help as many others as possible discover this wonderful country and continent for themselves.

There’s something awe-inspiring about the solitude of wide-open and untouched nature of Namibia which you can’t explain, it just has to be experienced!



As a child, a family safari was always a huge adventure – to discover new destinations, setting up camp, unearthing unknown plants and spotting animals. Still today, I enjoy a family holiday in our beautiful Namibia and learn new features of our country with every single trip or excursion.

I love to assist others with planning their own self-drive experience and consider it a real privilege to see that special twinkle and new knowledge in their eyes upon returning. There is simply no better escape from our busy life than spending time in nature.

Namibia Tailor-made Travel Advice

Every traveller has their own preferences. Do you need assistance in planning your self-drive trip to Namibia? Our experienced tour consultants are ready to assist you! Together we fully customize the tour to your personal preferences, wishes and budget. We can assist you in many different ways. Our team of friendly and service-oriented Tour Consultants is available in Europe and Africa to assist you in creating a personalized proposal for your tailor-made trip to Namibia and to answer all your questions you might have.

Explore one of the most fascinating and diverse countries in the world

Other Favourite Routes to Inspire

The itineraries we offer are fully customizable to your needs. You can book these, or you can use them for inspiration to build your own, tailor-made adventure. See below some of our other sample itineraries that we have put together. Explore Namibia will always make sure that you will experience the journey of your dreams!

Self-Drive Itineraries
Self-drive Tours Namibia
We offer a wide range of self-drive safari tours, tailored to suit your individual needs and preferences. Our self-drive safari packages include everything you need for an incredible adventure. Fully customizable!

Length: from 9 Days (customizable)

Price from: €633,- EUR

Guided Photo Tours
Photographic Tours Namibia
Our photo tours are designed for photographers of all skill levels. Our experienced guides will provide you with guidance and assistance in capturing the perfect shot for capturing the unique character of Namibia.

Length: from 12 Days

Price from: €4.299,- EUR

Private Safari
Guided Safari in Convoy
You’ll drive in convoy with your own rental vehicle, following the leading vehicle, driven by the guide, and still have the comfort of your own vehicle.

Length: Customizable

Price from: €1089,- EUR

Private Safari
Safari in “stretched Landcruiser”
Safaris for max. 7 travelers in the spacious “stretched Landcruiser”. An experienced guide/driver will take you to the highlights of Namibia.

Length: 13 Days

Price from: €3.999,- EUR

Unleash Adventure: Self-Drive Safaris in Namibia