In addition to your 4×4 vehicle booking with or without camping equipment, you can add extra items, such as car insurance with better cover or extra equipment, such as a satellite phones, child seats, SIM cards, GPS or a Fastfind beacon.







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Your 4×4 vehicle, accommodations and activities are organized for you. In addition, you can choose some extra services like a car insurance, or equipment, including a satellite phone, GPS and compressor. When travelling in two cars, two-way radios can be enjoyable. The extras create the possibility and contribute to an absolute carefree self-drive adventure.

Satellite phone
Although your own GSM phone can be used in Namibia (subject to your network provider), most of the time you will only have signal in urban areas. Do you always want to be reachable? A satellite phone can be used everywhere in Namibia, even in the most remote areas.

2-way radios
When you are planning to travel in two or more cars, renting two-way radio systems is a real added value to your trip. Communicating with each other becomes much easier. The radio systems are easy to use and have a range of 15 km.

GPS navigation
A GPS satellite navigation system, with the digital compass and traction system, assures that you never get lost in Southern Africa. This system is easy to use, and battery-powered it can be used during hiking as well..

Want to stay connected? Then you can hire a “Car-Fi” which creates your own personal hotspot on the road. You will be able to receive signal along all of the main roads and destinations.

Child Seat
When travelling with children, consider baby seats or boosters. This is not only safer, but it will allow your child to have a better view out of the window and also spot those animals!

A fridge is a fine additional feature for a car without camping equipment. Keep your drinks and food cool. The fridge has a capacity of 40 liters. While driving, the fridge is powered by the car’s battery, an extension cable for plugging into a socket is also included. If no power points are available, keeping the fridge closed as much as possible will keep products cool.

Roof Rack
You can rent a roof rack in addition to your 4×4 vehicle, to create extra space for luggage. This would be a good solution when five or more persons are travelling in one car, which limits the space in the luggage compartment. Table, chairs, ground tents etc. can all be packed on the roof rack.

Jerrycan 20 L
All 4×4 off-road vehicles are equipped with a double fuel tank. You can drive many kilometers on one tank. But for multiple-days off-road trips, you cannot always rely on service stations. Therefore, we offer 20-litres jerry cans so you can take along extra fuel.

Watertank 20L
All 4×4 off-road vehicles are equipped with a water tank. When you are planning to travel off-road through remote areas for multiple days, an additional water tank is recommended.

4×4 training
Most of the roads in Namibia are very different from the roads that you are used to – especially when you go off-road. If you are uncertain or feel not yet fully ready to drive Namibia’s roads, then we can organize a 4×4 training for you.

Fastfind beacon
The waterproof “Personal Location Beacon” (PLB) gives you the security of always being traceable. In case of emergency, you can activate the beacon. This will send out a signal to send out help immediately.

The best way to discover Namibia is to drive with your own 4×4 vehicle.