Drive in convoy with your own 4×4 rental vehicle


This “Heavy Offroad” Kaokoland Tour promises pure adventure. You will discover the great Damaraland and Kaokoland on a guided self-drive tour, or as a passenger in the guide vehicle.


Partial Guided

11 Days

upon request

The “Heavy Offroad” Kaokoland Tour

During the day we explore the rough world of north-western Namibia in an off-road vehicle and at night we sleep either on public campsites, in wild camps, or optionally in beautiful lodges. Nowhere else will you get closer to nature and Africa than on this tour.


The Kaokoland Tour is suitable for adventurers who want to drive a lot and for a long time off-road. The duration of the daily driving route is approximately 5-7 hours and the route leads through the remote Damaraland and Kaokoland up to the Angolan border.


Previous off-road knowledge is not absolutely necessary, as the tour is structured in such a way that the driver is brought closer to off-road driving with the support of the experienced guide and the driving skills increase from day to day. It is important that you have some courage and a lot of adventurous spirit!


We are happy to plan and book the additional Self-Drive tour for you if you wish to continue your journey in Namibia on your own!


Meeting of the group with the guide at the Spitzkoppe on: upon request
Guide leaves the group at Khowarib Lodge on: upon request

Brief Itinerary

  • Day 1: Spitzkoppe
  • Day 2: Brandberg
  • Day 3: Huab Riverbed
  • Day 4: Palmwag
  • Day 5: Opuwo
  • Day 6-8: Kaokoland
  • Day 9: Hoanib Riverbed
  • Day 10: Khowarib Gorge
  • Day 11: Windhoek and surroundings


The mighty Spitzkoppe mountain and enjoy the starry skies of Namibia

Off-road adventure through the remote Damaraland

The mighty desert elephants, lions, black rhinos and giraffes

Himba villages

The beautiful Kaokoland, surrounded by fascinating nature

Guided game drives

Spend the afternoon at the pool or at the lodge’s terrace observing animals at the waterhole

Scheduled departures
Start Date Spitzkoppe End Date Khowarib Lodge Price
upon request upon request From € 2.540,- per Person


Explore Namibia offers tailor-made private guided safaris in Namibia and/or Botswana including transport, meals, accommodations, and activities. You will be supported by an experienced and knowledgeable driver/guide.


Per self-driver in a double room/tent including shared vehicle: from € 3.099,-

Per self-driver in a single room/tent including shared vehicle: from € 3.150,-

Per passenger in a double room/tent in the guide vehicle: from € 2.540,-

Per passenger in a single room/tent in the guide vehicle: from € 2.650,-



Minimum number of participants: 4 persons as Self Drivers

There is also place for 3 participants to travel in the Guide Vehicle. (Quote on request.)

What is included?

A wonderful journey to the undiscovered areas of Namibia

Leading guide vehicle followed by 4x4 self-drive vehicles

Max. 4/5 people per vehicle

3 window seats available in guide vehicle

English, German and African speaking guide. French, Italian, Spanish speaking guide on request

Accommodations as advertised

Numerous activities included

Meals as quoted

Entrance fees national parks as quoted

Extensive travel package

What is excluded?

Visa fees


Activities not quoted


Expenses of a personal nature


International flights


Convoy Tour - 11 days


Convoy Tour - 9 days

Detailed Itinerary

Day 1 - 2: Spitzkoppe

Meeting of the tour group at the Spitzkoppe

(Individual program possible before the tour starts, or the guide can be accompanied on his journey from Windhoek to the Spitzkoppe)


The meeting of all tour participants and the guide will take place this afternoon on one of the pitches of the Spitzkoppe rest camp, where we will then set up our night camp together.


In the evening, we will come together for a joint barbecue around the campfire, there will be a short briefing and the tour will be discussed in detail. Here we camp at the foot of the mighty Spitzkoppe and enjoy the night under the starry sky of Namibia.


Dinner is included in the tour price, everyone takes care of their own drinks.


Day 2 - 3: Brandberg West

Instructional drive in off-road driving

Today our off-road adventure through distant Damaraland begins. We drive in a convoy towards Brandberg, the highest mountain in Namibia. On the first day of driving you will get to know your vehicle better on easy off-road routes. All vehicles are connected to each other via radio, and the guide can use the radio to give you tips and tricks while driving.


Rugged mountain ranges and steep slopes with dry valleys dominate Damaraland. Boasting some of the most beautiful scenery in Namibia, Damaraland is a chasm of pristine wilderness where one can explore savannas, gorges, sandy slopes and mountains. Observe the animals that thrive in this desolate place, braving the sweltering heat.


Our beautiful wild camp is located near the massive Brandberg. A mound of large granite balls offers shelter from the southwest wind that often blows here in the afternoon. Enjoy the great panorama over the barren desert areas with a view of Namibia’s highest mountain. Our wild bush camp will have a portable shower and bush toilet. We will sleep on top of the cars in the roof top tents and enjoy a perfect night under the stars – with no artificial lights to spoil the starry sky view. Dinner is cooked at the campfire. Together we will sit around the campfire and enjoy the tranquility of the desert.


Breakfast, a picnic lunch and dinner are included in the tour price, everyone takes care of their own drinks.


Day 3 - 4: Huab Riverbed

We conquer a demanding pass
After a restful night in our tents, we enjoy a delicious breakfast with a great view. Our journey continues north across the fascinating desert landscapes of Damaraland. The first real challenge of this tour awaits at the beginning of the day. We conquer one of the mountain passes in the remote northwest of Namibia. The guide is of course at your side with advice and action and will help you to master this challenge.


Then the journey continues through beautiful plains and dry rivers, where desert animals can also be seen. We spend another night in the deserted wilderness enjoying the freedom of this beautiful wild camp.

Breakfast, a picnic lunch and dinner are included in the tour price, everyone takes care of their own drinks.


Day 4 - 5: Palmwag

On the look out for the desert elephants.

After a good night’s sleep in our tents, we enjoy a hearty breakfast and start packing up our campsite. The tour continues north. We drive through the river bed of the Huab River where desert elephants can often be seen. You have to be very careful, of course, because the large mammals can hide behind the shrubs and bushes. These large, powerful animals should always be observed from a safe distance.


Part of the route is driven on gravel roads that bring us to Palmwag. We spend the night at the beautiful Palmwag Lodge campsite. You also have the option of spending the night in one of the rooms in the beautiful lodge. If you would like an upgrade to one of the rooms, please let us know when booking the tour.


Palmwag Lodge is nestled amongst tall palm trees on the banks of the dry Uanib River in Damaraland, north-western Namibia. Palmwag Lodge is one of the oldest and most popular tourist destinations in Namibia. It is internationally renowned for its spectacular scenery, diverse desert wildlife and unique opportunity to encounter the endangered black rhino. We then have dinner together in the lodge restaurant.


Breakfast, a picnic lunch and dinner are included in the tour price, everyone takes care of their own drinks.


Day 5 - 6: Opuwo

The Kaokoland

The route takes us north today over dusty gravel roads. We move through communal land for the next few days, in other words “through real Africa”. On the way we pass small villages, some of which are residents of different tribes. You should always be careful when driving here, as there are often cattle, other small livestock and even children on the side of the road.


About 30km before Opuwo we cross a hilly landscape on which the rare baobab trees grow. We stop here and marvel at the size of these giants. The journey then continues to Opuwo, where it is essential to fill up the vehicle and any additional canisters. About 900km off-road have to be mastered before the next fuel stop. At the supermarket in Opuwo you can go shopping again if necessary.


Our beautiful accommodation is situated high on a hill overlooking Opuwo. The plan is to spend the night at the lodge’s campsite, but you also have the option of booking one of the rooms here. Please let us know when booking the tour if you would like an upgrade to one of the rooms. The joint dinner takes place in the lodge restaurant.


Breakfast, a picnic lunch and dinner are included in the tour price, everyone takes care of their own drinks.


Day 6 - 7: Kaokoland

Depart from Opuwo
Today we depart from Opuwo and head west, passing small Himba villages next to the gravel roads, until we reach Etanga. From here, challenging 4×4 routes lead us through the highlands of the Kaokoland, until we reach the point where the trail descends. An adrenaline rushing, short pass leads us slowly into the lower steppes of Kaokoland. The beautiful Self-catering lodge is located on top a mountain that is crisscrossed with marble veins. Your guide will take care of the catering while you have the opportunity to enjoy this beautiful area.


Breakfast, a picnic lunch and dinner are included in the tour price, everyone takes care of their own drinks.


Day 7 - 8: Kaokoland

Two mountain passes have to be conquered
We will need the entire morning to drive the 10km long van Zyls Pass. The guide will walk you through this challenge step by step, making sure you get through this famous pass safely and unscathed.


By noon you should have reached the beautiful Marien river, where we can relax with a delicious lunch. After that we will conquer another pass that will take us to the Hartmann mountains. Here we set up our wild camp and can review the exciting day with a cold beer/wine.


Breakfast, a picnic lunch and dinner are included in the tour price, everyone takes care of their own drinks.


Day 8 - 9: Kaokoland

The Hartmans Valley
Hartmans Valley takes us south today. We ride on small, mostly rocky slopes over the mountains and valleys of the beautiful Kaokoland, surrounded by fascinating nature.


There are a few prominent waypoints in this area. One of them is the “Rooi Drom”, which is a barrel painted red. Here we turn towards Marble Camp. The challenging Rooi Drom Pass takes us to an abandoned marble mine where we can stop for a rest.


A mostly rocky path leads us to the Khumib River, where we will drive a few kilometers. The dry river course of the Khumib district serves as a rest camp for us tonight. We will set up camp under an ancient ancestral tree and enjoy the silence and freedom that nature offers us.


Breakfast, a picnic lunch and dinner are included in the tour price, everyone takes care of their own drinks.


Day 9 - 10: Hoanib Riverbed

The fascinating dry rivers of the Kaokoland
We will be on sandy ground most of the time today, as we are navigating various dry rivers throughout the day. After crossing the Khumib River, we follow the beautiful course of the Hoarusib Dry River. As soon as we have crossed this, we drive over barren desert areas to the banks of the Hoanib river.


The Hoarusib and Hoanib rivers are the most fascinating dry rivers in Kaokoland. There is also a chance to find desert animals such as giraffes, elephants, lions and antelopes here. Today we set up our last wild camp near the Hoanib River and enjoy the tranquility of this deserted world.


Breakfast, a picnic lunch and dinner are included in the tour price, everyone takes care of their own drinks


Day 10 - 11: Khowarib Gorge

In search of the desert animals of Kaokoland
Today the journey goes along the river bed of the Hoanib for quite a while. These river courses are a lifeline in the desert and provide food and water for the desert animals that live here. The most common animals include desert elephants, giraffes, big cats such as lions, leopards and cheetahs, as well as various types of antelope such as oryx, kudu and springbok. Zebras and ostriches are also often seen here.


In the afternoon we leave the Hoanib over dusty areas and drive via the village of Sesfontein and then on to our beautiful campsite; which is located at Khowarib Lodge. The beautiful Khowarib Lodge is located directly on the Hoanib River. Here the river flows through a narrow gorge called Khowarib.


We spend the night at the beautiful campsite of Khowarib Lodge. You also have the option of spending the night in one of the lodge’s rooms. Please let us know when registering for the tour if you would like an upgrade to a room. We then have dinner together in the lodge restaurant.


Breakfast, a picnic lunch and dinner are included in the tour price, everyone takes care of their own drinks.


Day 11 - 12: Windhoek and surroundings

The guide leaves you today
Today the joint tour comes to an end. After breakfast, everyone goes their own way and can enjoy more self-drive days through Namibia. If you like, you can also accompany the guide who will drive to Windhoek today. We would also be happy to plan and book your additional program.


Breakfast is included in the tour price.


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